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the siege. when they first approached the compound, atf agents were relying on the element of the surprise. but the branch devidian seemed to know they were coming. >> we had everything, the intelligence, what we had was someone who eliminated the element of surprise which is what we needed and in so doing our agents walked into an ambush and we'll find out who did that. >> reporter: so who tipped off koresh? the atf would come to blame a local television reporter and photographer who had been told by law enforcement sources the raid was going to take place. and in fact, the photographer who had become lost on his way to mount carmel that day, asked a postman for directions telling him about the raid. it was the postman a member of the dividian sect who went back to the dividian sect and told david koresh. the next week, the atfs director was asked if agents would have gone in, had they known the element of the surprise had been lost. >> absolutely not. because as you can see we walked into an ambush and there's no way that our people from the team members through the leadership would have
, this was a complete car and it was stripped down. the whole process started when an atf agent place add bomb in here. >> inside this car is a small bomb, ready to burst. the force of the blast is captured by our cameras. each showing thousands of shards of glass and evidence shooting into the air. this demonstration is part of a training exercise of the atf here in huntsville, alabama. the atf trains police and federal agents on how to investigate explosions. on this day they are working with a group of agents heading overseas. we can't show you their faces for security reasons. >> these people are going where america is a target or the host country may have targets. in this situation, it enables them to go on the blast scene and not be overwhelmed by it. >> the techniques here are used by the same hundreds of agents that deploy to scenes like the boston marathon bombing. and the fertilizer plant blast in west, texas. >> that's cool. put that in the evidence, in the bucket. >> how do you stay ahead of the terrorists? >> as devices are recovered and reengineered, you look at the tactics and technique
sheriff's department is on the scene, working this case, along with atf, who has been called in, as well as several of the other local government agencies to assist. i will tell you at the beginning, this is a crime scene. we're not indicating that it is a crime. but we don't know. what that means to us, that until we know it's an industrial accident, we will work it as a crime scene. atf is conducting the main investigation at that crime scene. which is the fertilizer plant. mclennan county sheriff's department will be investigating any of the deaths that resulted from that explosion that occurred earlier this evening. there will be investigations by mclennan county s.o. that being said, i don't have a hard number yet. i can confirm that we are still missing several firefighters that were on the scene fighting the fire. the explosion occurred while they were actively trying to put that fire out. there was a law enforcement official on that scene, as well, that was working with the fire department in some type of capacity. until we know for sure who those individuals are and specific num
cavanaugh is a retired atf, alcohol, tobacco and firearms special agent in charge. let me start with clint. i want to run through the evidence with you. we have now not a suspect, but there is a picture of someone putting down that bag. we know it involved a pressure cooker from yesterday and a circuit board. we know from today it involved a battery pack. where are we? what's it all add up to now as you see it, clint? >> number one, we've got a lot of good forensic evidence. i've had the good fortune to work with them before on cases. between the fbi and atf there's probably no better lab. as jim will tell you, when a bomb goes off, it may get blown to bits, but those are bits that we can recover. that his agency and the fbi can put together. they can understand the device. and perhaps find a signature aspect to that. so we've got a forensic investigation that's going on as far as the bomb and where it went off and what it was composed of and who may have built it. we also have what you just talked about, chris, that photographic evidence. as you and i talked yesterday, i guarantee you yes
now is msnbc analyst and former atf special agent james cavanaugh. james, what are you studying in these advice released today? >> well, we looked at them carefully this afternoon, trying to see how these guys interacted with each other. the task force has done a great job. look at number two. i call him white hat. he's got that light-colored top on his backpack, and the parcel fits with video we have seen in the week, pete williams has reported on. and we looked at that carefully, and that's the scene of the blast of the second bomb. so this guy has planted the second bomb. we looked at the dark hat guy as they walk. it's just interesting that the dark hat guy looks a little older, walks in the front. and his bomb detonates first. they don't have a video of him planting the bomb. but the -- special agent in charge said they pieced it together. and what they pieced together was the backpack. i'm sure they pieced together the backpack. it's possible he could have laid his hat on the backpack. so they could have found the hat and the backpack. but they were able from the video to
the unbelievable multilayered presence of the different law enforcement. watertown pd. boston pd. atf. fbi. s.w.a.t. teams. national guard. we have seen so many different people involved in the law enforcement side of this on scene. and it has to be an emotional situation for them. an mit officers was killed last night. an officer was wounded in this fight. this is combat for police in boston. so they have been mindful of that, knowing they are the ones out there putting themselves in danger in the first instance trying to protect the public. some of their own have been hurt and killed. their relief, not only that he did not get away. he got away from the first drag net last night. the one that killed list brother. to have not gotten away another time to have finished this on their own terms. you have to imagine that for law enforcement themselves, watertown is applauding them, but you have to imagine this has to be a an emotional time. i have to ask your reaction on how this has ended thus far. >> this terrorist is alive and he can be be debriefed by the professionals. it is about now stoppi
. that's all led by carmen ortiz. the physical evidence at the scene collected by the a.t.f. and the f.b.i. is extraordinary and extensive and all of that will play a role in this investigation. >> schieffer: well, this suspect, there were reports that he may have tried to commit suicide, that one of these butet wounds that he sustained, it indicated he may have tried to take his own life when he was in the boat as police were closing in. can you tell me any more about that? >> there were shots fired from idea the boat. as to where they were aimed i can't speck lailt at this point in time. >> schieffer: did high actually fire at anyone there. >> no one was struck. there was gunfire emitting from the boat. it's hard to say from where it came. >> schieffer: the man who looked into the boat, was he injured in any way? >> no, he was not. he saw the suspect, retreated immediately, and called the police. we were there instantaneously. >> schieffer: and what about charges against this man that's now in the hospital? will he be charged today? or what happens now on that side? >> the united sta
that under the direction of the fbi and in partnership with the atf. jenna: not insignificant that he says that the most complex investigation in their department's history. despite a variety of different reports that you've all heard over the last 24, nearly 24 hours, the commissioner is making it very clear that right now no one is in custody in connection with these attacks. >> we still do not know who did this or why, and people shouldn't skwrupl top conclusions before -- jump to conclusions before we have all the facts you about. make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. jon: president obama on the air just hours after the twin explosions in boston to reassure the nation. he also called the governor of massachusetts and the mayor of boston to offer support making it clear that his administration is mobilizing its full resources to help in the investigation and provide security as well. more on the white house response,
in a flat five block radius leaving behind acene destruction and devastation. the a.t.f. has been activated to lead the inveigion into the explosion. a vast area is being treat at crime scene right now. the latest casualty count teen five and 15 people dead. abc7 news reporter is there with the latest. >> an entire portion of west, texas, is gone after two explosions in 24 minutes of each other. emergency crews continue to go door-to-door search. >> at dinner time a massive explosion shattered the town through a town of 2,hull. the fertilizer plant ignited like a fireball with a mushroom cloud smoke rising. this afternoon, rain is easing concerns that the deadly chemical is being spread bit winds. >> the weather did help us in some aspects with the chemical part of the fire. obviously that is keeping the chemicals out of the environment. >> officials do not know how many people are dead or missing. at this point they are still saying 5- to 15-per have been killed and almost 200 injureed. search-and-rescue teams are going house-to-house certain. >> something ignited and there was a massive e
into the devastating fertilizer plant explosion and fire in texas is getting some help from an atf forensic chemist based in the east bay. we talked to san francisco division special agent in charge about how the chemist will help with the analysis. >> it will help with the analysis. they will be able to help determine what they're dealing with as samples are taken. they'll help give direction on how they should preserve samples for testing. and also help from a safety standpoint of don't put this with this because the chemical reaction could cause hazards. >> reporter: the chemist is part of a national response team. she will lend expertise on chemicals, such as amoan yum nitrate and can be highly explosion i have. she has similarred teams. >> we have explosives enforcement officers. people who are familiar with, render safe procedures. who can do disassemblies. >> reporter: the team will work to figure out whether the fire and explosion were accidental or criminal. >> we take in all the witness statements. asking what's out of the normal. for example, you may have a fire and learn that there was
with atf, and explosives are on their way here. they'll be the lead agency, a special division of the atf, the national response team. and then you have folks with the chemical safety board, a federal group tasked with looking into chemical industrial accidents. they're obviously trained in this. the atf response team has been on the oklahoma city bombings, world trade center bombings, they know what they're doing. it's an arduous task as you can imagine, bill. >> indeed. we can only imagine at this point. thank you, casey. live in west texas. of course, folks who live there and live close to the plant, they're not allowed near their homes or at least what remains of their homes. the authorities say it's too dangerous because there could be even more explosions. many of the structures are too badly damaged to go inside. the shock wave blew out windows, in some cases hundreds of yards from the epicenter. in fact there were report office people hearing the blast 50 miles away. soak that in for a moment. that's 50 miles away. nearly an hour drove. with is it tina carlisle who lives two block
: this is the atf's library of weapons. where feds try to help local police solve a crime, figure out the exact type of gun and trace where it was bought. that means paperwork. and here, they are forced by congress to do things the old fashioned way. by hand. while a buyer's background may have been checked by the fbi, the only record of a sale is a gun dealer's form on paper, not computerized. a half billion paper records transferred to microfilm are now scanned. the inefficiency of this labor intensive, antiquated system, cost taxpayers $60 million in the past 12 years. that's a lot of time. that's a lot of money. >> yeah. when people are visually going through microfilm, searching through 60,000 pages of information for a single gun, they can miss it. >> reporter: if all this was computerized, a trace would take a matter of hours. it now takes about five days. why no computers? because members of congress, backed by the nra, passed laws forbidding the agency from using computers that can read the content of the forms, creating a registry. gun supporter senator charles grassley was instrumental in
, in cis, atf, local police but it is much better than years past. neil: at number five until you to your background i am the boss. >> and the reality is with a tragedy like this with the course of my 20 plus years is let's get this done. neil: i did not happen after 9/11 they read each other's throats. >> not from my experience. neil: good for you. bag gives me hope. but before i get to my next guest talk about the economic impact just like there was no accident that occurredn new york or in 1993 but the hope is you trigger not only as a cataclysmic event that the economic events that leads to recession or worse at was the hope to a small degree and to roberts' point* of what happens in our markets. we told you about the futures for the time came being and the first market that is trading is out of japan and the first numbers is that it is down by one and 2/3%. with that hit that built the steam in the last hour. it built up conserable steam after that. and we will be going to the pacific markets and to explain disappointment out of china not just trrorist related but we are getting a f
people are being questioned. the u.s. attorneys office is working together with the fbi, atf and other state, local and federal law enforcement officials on the investigation. and nbc news is reporting that 460 national guardsmen are on site as well. a white house official says any event with multiple explosive devices is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as such. we'll talk about that. and earlier this evening, the president himself addressed the nation. >> we're continuing to monitor and respond to the situation as it unfolds. and i've directed the full resources of the federal government to help state and local authorities protect our people, increase security around the united states as necessary and investigate that. we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but, make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the president saying we
for about a decade. in watertown, nbc news justice correspondent and atf agent james cavanaugh and analyst roger cressy. live in watertown, we were listening together as kerry sanders was moved further and further back. what are you seeing? >> he is a few blocks away from here, but we are not hearing anything that he is hearing. it's quiet in this part of watertown. the helicopter that had been circling for the past few hours is no longer here. we have seen tactical units leave and others come back in. we haven't seen anything like kerry has been seeing a few blocks away from where we are standing. we don't want to give away too much because the police asked that we don't give out tactical information, but we are going on hour ten of a lockdown. people are not outside. maybe all of four or five residents come around to the area. that's very unusual whenever there is a media staging area people ask what is going on. we have seen none of that. people are heeding the warnings to stay inside. police have been going from door-to-door trying to see if they can find suspect number two, the guy in
of situation. >> right. let me go to james cavanaugh, he was with atf. he's now with us as an nbc analyst. mr. cavanaugh, it's great having you back. i hate having you back, once again, because something bad happened. here we go again. again, the question, we in the media always want something when we can get it. that's the job we have. the job on the inside is the jjo job -- they've been making this choice since tuesday. >> this is what commanders wrestle with all the time in these cases. i've done it many times. from eric rudolph to the sniper, to church fires, to major bombing incidents. you always wrestle with these kids. they' . they've got the bomb scenes 90% done. they know what the components are and are probably going to release this afternoon photographs of people that aey' extremely interested in. they're doing that because they don't have a way to otherwise identify those people. so if they do, before the sun sets on boston harbor, they will have the names of the people in those photographs. now, if that is the bombers, we'll see. but they will have those names fast because relati
. even anti-tank cannon. >> somebody had this we seized it. >> this is the atf library of weapons. where feds try to help local police solve a crim crime. exact type of gun and trace where it was bought. that means paperwork and here they are forced by congress the did things the old fashioned way. by hand. pwivr back ground may have been checked by the fbi, the only record of a sale is a gun dealer form on paper not computer. half bill paper records traps feared to mechanic row film now scanned. inefficient labor spwichbs antiquated system cost taxpayers ty ski million dollars the past 12 years. >> that's a lot of time and money. when people are visually going through microfilm searching through 60,000 passengers of information for single gun they can miss it. >>reporter: if all this was computerize, trace would take a matter of hours. now takes about 5 days. why not computers, because members of congress backed by nra pass laws for bidding the agency from using computers that can read the content of the forms. gun supporters senator grassley was instrumental in passing these la
acting special agent in charge, atf boston field division. at this time atf has been a partial nrt, national response team activation and bringing our explosives experts to the scene's working jointly with the fbi and on the scene and we have certified explosives specialists and enforcement officers and special agent bomb texts and canines that are trained to detect any explosive devices or any residue. at this time we have approximate ly 30 forensic specialists en route on the scene and to dispel any rumors, there were -- there were rumors floating around there were up to seven devices up to one point. that is not true. i think that happened as a result of some suspect packages that were disrupted. but we only had two devices that we're aware of and both those were involved in the -- and did the damage and were involved in the incident. we are looking for the public's cooperation. if there's any video, any photographic evidence contact the fbi hot line or the city's hot line we'd like to review any kind of media you have out there that might give us additional investigative leads
in quantico, virginia, where they can be analyzed by the fbi and atf experts and even checked for dna. investigators have launched a major push to seek information from the public, including tips on suspicious behavior and photo and video taken around the race. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative. we are asking anyone -- in any way that indicated that he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> crime scene has been shrunk from about 15 blocks yesterday to about 12 today. authorities say they will continue to work to open streets back up. that the area surrounding the sites will likely be closed for a couple of more days. we have new information about the victims. more than 170 were injured. around 70 remain hospitalized tonight. the chief of trauma at mass general hospital spoke to us this afternoon about treating some of the most gravely injured victims. >> they're really amazing people. some of them woke up today with no leg. and they told me they're happy to be alive. they thought as this things happen, they
, massachusetts state police, atf, si responded to the scene. many have them were there as part of the general security for the marathon already in place. the first step law enforcement took was to secure the physical area around the blast for the purpose of preserving evidence in the area related to the devices itself. this morning, the f.b.i. along with boston pd, massachusetts state police and atf begin it's recovery effort at the site. their goal was to recover physical items related to the blast. those items have been recovered and sent to the f.b.i.'s laboratory. they are specialized exertion will reconstruct the devices and determine the makeup and components. among items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon which could be from a backpack that look like bbs and nails possibly contained in a appreciate cooker device. we are going to quantico, virginia for a complete analysis. it was determined both of the explosives were placed in a dark-colored nylon nylon bag. the bag would have been heavy because of components in it. it's difficult to determine specific components used until
those helicopters that we sawing overhead.her h up, fbi, atf, everybody coming into the neighborhood where they live this is a virtual ghost town today so it's a rush but not necessarily for a good reason, if that makes sense. >> yes. of course, certainly. tell us a little bit more are about how -- it's been a ghost. >> they were. they were. if you take a look, you can see all of the businesses are closed. and it's been like that all day. you know? there is a a 7-year-old staying opele have en coming out but again, just people add a time, then, they'd take off but for the most part there wasn't much going on throughout the day except for officers coming in and out of the perimeter area so it is strange. the man says it's weird normally a lively and nice place but now there is nudge goinging on. >> ama, thank you so much. we're able to bring you reports using cell 7 technology. that is where we had a break up there. audio was gchl we stanted -- wanted to stay witness. >> ate lous to you get into the scene autos learning more about bombing suspects. younger brother 19-year-old jahar ts
of the atf. >> i'm special agent in charge of the atf. today the world witnessed this law enforcement community's commitment to apprehending these offenders. make no doubt this combined effort will never cease in its protection of every city, every town and every neighborhood in our nation. the prayers from every atf employee will continue to go out to the victims as they heal from this senseless act of violence. may god bless the citizens. >> dan conley. >> thank you very much. i was listening to the police action all afternoon on the radio. i would like to join my voice or add my voice, i should say, to those who came before me to say what an extraordinary police operation across all jurisdictions i was able to listen to and witness today. i was at the scene early on. in our business it's about accountability. i can't say how happy and pleased i am that the second subject was taken alive. this will ensure accountability for the victims and their families. congratulations to law enforcement for a job well done. now the task ahead for accountability. thank you. >> questions? >> how di
, the atf and fbi investigate. this group wears white suits so they don't contaminate more than the ten-square blocks crime scene. the perimeter is locked down and roads are closed. >> it certainly is something i have seen before, it makes you scared. but there is a comfort level at the same time. >> relieved that everybody is out here helping. >> reporter: the officials say they believe both bombs were hidden inside the backpacks like this one right here, discarded like personal property. they believe the bombs were triggered by a device, like a cell phone. three were killed, 8-year-old martin richard among them. >> the worst thing that could happen is we could find out who did it. that would just say they could get away with this. >> reporter: now, we're approximately a block away from the finish line. you can see right over there, there is a man dressed in a blue suit. that is a suit to protect himself, so he doesn't contaminate any evidence around here. now the roads are closed, coming up here at 6:00, we'll show you a road closed. people are playing instruments and putting down fla
. thank you very much. >>> i'm gene marquez, acting special agent in charge, atf, boston field division. at this time, atf has done a partial nrt, national response team activation. we are bringing our explosive specialist here to the scene and working jointly with the fbi and its partners on the jttf. we have certified explosive specialists, explosive enforcement officers, special agent bomb techs and canine. at this time, we have approximately 30 forensic specialists en route or on the scene. to dispel any rumors, there were rumors floating around that there were seven devices. at one point. that is not true. that happened as a result of some suspect packages that were disru disrupted. we only had two devices and both were those that did the damage and were involved in the explosives incident. at this time, we are looking for the public's cooperation. we are looking for any video or photographic evidence if you can please contact the fbi's hotline or the city's hotline. we would like to review any kind of media that you have out there. we are pursuing those investigative leads at this
involved but immediately almost had a fistfight between fbi and atf. so now what you've got it looks like a good working relationship between president obama and governor deval patrick has allowed a very smooth handoff from the boston police to the fbi. in watching just the press conferences so far, they've been sending the right signals of having a joint communicative working relationship. and that's critical to having an effective investigation. >> you and i were talking before about lockerbie, how you could determine through finding little particles of machinery that this was perhaps done by a certain kind of detonator. how far along are we? we already know now it was something to do with a circuit board. what does that tell you? >> they're saying they found a circuit board. how big of a piece, we don't know. remember in another case, it was about the size of your thumbnail and took well over a year before that was really nailed down. i think in this case because you're not having to go out and look for debris scattered all over fields of scotland, this is going to be much easier to de
special a.t.f. agent. as well as cliff van zandt. with a welcome to you both. let's pick up on this radicalized notion. we have a description, a very heartfelt description, where one almost feels sad and sympathetic to the unk cle of these two brothers from maryland and he said, you know, i abhor what they've done, he wants no association with them whatsoever. interestingly, the sister of the suspects, who was spoken to from west new york, and she described them as being very smart young men. is this a perfect combination for radicalization? because she had not seen her brothers or spoken to them for some time. a matter of years. the uncle who lives here in the states as well, in maryland. so seemingly, you know, a close relative had not spoken to them since they were young boys. what does that tell you about their makeup? >> well what really counts is the influence of the older, now diseased, brother. realize, he was not only the older brother, he was the more physical. and he kind of took on the father role too. he was the one who said he didn't understand americans, he di
enforcement. ont is more than we spend the fbi, secret service, and atf. if you legalize 11 million people you take a whole bunch of folks rise up the table. pilots to use the money to be smarter. i think comprehensive immigration reform secures our borders. if i can buy myself a driver's license and identification, a security we feel/ feel? secure it do we if you hire someone that is not authorized, we will make that happen. are saying we are not going to tolerate a system that does not guarantee that people born in this country do not get the first crack at an american job. >> are you any closer to figuring out a cut off date? >> we are not there yet. in 2007 it was like five years. is 2 cut off date qualifies for the program. >> people are reading the papers and sank that is what i believe we need to do. >> if you been here before, >> you have to be here december 31 of 2011. when president obama finally responded to the demands of our community in june of 2012 and issued the executive order, if you came here as a youngster when she finished high school, we look issei from deportation. now s
of atf and somebody who got a lot of endorsements from conservative groups. mr. sullivan, good morning to you. >> great to be on. thank you. >> you have received a lot of high profile endorsements for conservative republicans. this is massachusetts and if you get the nomination, you will make it harder for republicans to win the seat. what do you say to that? >> that's false. the claim is raised by democrats because i'm the only person in the tlas has taken on the career politicians and beaten them twice. the example of our having somebody represent the republican party is principals gets great support from the republican base. it's great support from independents and democrats alike. we bring a unique set of experiences to the campaign unlike anybody else from the democrat and republican side. it's a lot of pressure and rising up to the president and investigating international terror investigation. you have those types of experiences and the jobs and the national security. that worries people the most. >> you were the former acting head of the atf. ever since it has been a senate con
. it to bring those responsible. >> the fbi in the lead and atf bringing in 30 explosive specialists and pledging to help however they can. some questions answered today including the number of bombs. >> it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found. >> most of them are pallets -- pellets, some nail-like. >> remove the ball bearings and carper nails embedded in the victim's closest to the blast. >> we do not yet have a sense of motive. kronos' at this point -- everything else at this point is speculation. >> thousand of submitted cellphone quotas. agents, in boston in surrounding communities, but they stress their in no way limiting their search to massachusetts. >> this is a worldwide investigation. we will go to the hands of the earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime. >> you're looking down boylston street that is still the crime scene. the sign you're looking at is where the explosives attack yesterday. it is blocked off for blocks in each direction. people gathering creating a makeshift memorial over
and hostage thoeshtor for the atf and criminologist james fox and john j college science professor. let me begin with nbc's katie tour who has been live on the scene. tell us where you are and what you are seeing. >> i'm in watertown. i don't want to give you too much about the location because the police have asked us not to give too much out about the efforts. somewhere in watertown behind me here we believe there is a standoff going on. police believe they have cornered one of the suspects, the guy in the white hat. this is where things came to a head if you call it that last night. early this morning when police gave chase and they cornered the two suspects. the black hat and the white hat suspects and encountered a shootout. in that, the suspect in the black hat was shot dead. his brother with the white hat managed to flee the scene and he is believed to be somewhere in watertown ever since. just in case the city of boston put down a lockdown for pretty much everybody. asked everyone in the suburbs and in boston itself to stay inside. this is not just for the safety of the people insi
the boston field area. atf has been active in that investigation. we are bringing our explosives specialists here and we will work jointly with the fbi. we have a certified explosion specialist and we have special bomb attacks and canines that are trained to detect explosive devices or any residue. at this time we have approximately 30 forensic specialists that are on the scene. there were rumors that were floating a run that there were some more than two devices. that is not true. if this happen as a result of some packages that were disrupted. we only have to devise a us that we are aware of and they have been detained. and at this time we are looking for your cooperation and if you have any video from your phones and you can contact us or the city's hot line and will like to review any videos and you may have pertaining to the marathon. we are present when these leads at this time. this will take several days to process and we are asking for your patience. >> and go morning, i am of the a u.s. department of turning and i want to extend my condolences to the family and loved ones who were
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of the team is already on the way to the scene of the explosion. he described what the atf team might do at the scene. >> you need to know what is on the scene. what type of chemicals. what hazards are we dealing with. you are looking at the structures, do they present hazards? >> the atf said agents will try determine if the fire and explosion were accidental or caused deliberately. >>> this is what it looked like yesterday as the plant was burning. coming up at 5:30 p.m. weal go to -- we will go to the town of west, texas. >>> a deadly police shooting of a man armed with a hammer reignited the debate over tasers. ktvu's paul chambers is live with how officers handled that call yesterday. >> reporter: investigators in san francisco are investigating the city's 6th officer involved shooting this year. this comes a week after the police chief with drew his request to arm the police officers with tasers. >> reporter: today no one wanted to talk on camera about last night's officer involved shooting. police say after 9:30 p.m. last night they responded to a 911 call. the caller was a man wh
to get information about what type of bombs these may have been. the fbi, atf, all federal agencies are being brought there to help the boston police and state police with this particular investigation. again, it's being treated as a crime scene, a terrorist act. they don't know whether it's domestic, they don't know whether it's international, but it's being treated as a terrorist act. >> what we do know from commissioner edward davis is two explosions, the third explosion at the john f. kennedy library, they're not saying whether that was related or who or what might have been behind that. but they're also taking now security precautions in washington, d.c. and across the country in the wake of these explosions. >> yes, washington, d.c., philadelphia, you just heard the new york city mayor bloomberg is ordering the police department to step up security at major transit locations. any particular event which is involving large numbers of people in the next 24 hours in major cities is likely to get increased security. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. i want to go to david now anoth
a the massachusetts state police, atf, secret service, and others responded to the scene. many of them are already there as part of the general security for the marathon already in place. the first step they took was to secure the physical area around the blast for the purpose of preserving evidence in the area related to the devices. this morning, the fbi along with boston pd, massachusetts state police, an atf official the began a forensic evidence recovery effort at the site. the goal was to recover residents related to the blast. those items that have been recovered are being sent to the fbi's laboratory in quantico, va. they will reconstruct the device, or devices, and determine its makeup and components. items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon, would appear to be fragments tobb's and nails possibly contained in a pressure cooker device. we are expediting this evidence for a complete and thorough analysis. in addition, this morning, it was determined that the explosives were placed in a dark-colored nylon backpack. it would have been heavy because of the components believed to be
attack that the boston marathon. we know the fbi and the task force the atf and forensic specialist all authorities are working nonstop to determine who carried out the barbaric act and to assure no other attacks i will estoril this committee is ready to help in any way we can to help law enforcement catch the perpetrators to ensure the full force of justice is exerted. my wife lives in boston and iran in the marathon in the early '70s so we stand ready. high want to express disappointment withreg to you and to meet with the subcommittee. i'm extremely disappointed the directionyour fice has taken and in some cases has not taken with important policy manor's program disappointed it is loath to use flexible authority that committee it uses to expand federal prison and inmates has fallen from 23,000 to 12,800 this deserve leadership is necessary. we have made it very clear but we need to see that you take it seriously to go after it in the energetic way. but for it to start procuring why can't that be true? like candy but the left and the right to team up by does every national park servi
know that the fbi and a joint terrorist task force, the atf and its forensic special are working nonspot -- specialists are woing nonstop to assure that we have no other attacks. let me assure you that this committee, this subcommittee is ready to help in any way we can to help law enforcement catch the perpetrators and planners of this act of terror spin sure that -- and insure that the full force of justice is exerted. my wife is from the boston area, i actually ran in the marathon in the early '70s, so anything this committee can do, we stand ready. i have several points i want to expression of disappointment with regard to you and me and this subcommittee. i'm extremely disappointed in the direction your office has taken, or in some cases has not taken in important policy matters. i'm disappointed the department has been slow to use the mr. speaker bl authority the committee provided to start new pilot effort toss expand federal prison industries. the number of employed inmates has fallen from 23,000 in 2006 to 12,800 in fny-14. we have made it very clear that i want to suppo
resources to bear along with our federal partners, atf is well represented here, gene marquez from the boston atf office has been a key ally of ours. all the law enforcement agencies here will be bringing tremendous resources to bear. all federal resources that can be brought to bear will be brought up here to the boston area. so that being said, i will turn it over now, i think u.s. attorney ortiz wanted to say a few words, then we'll turn it over to commissioner davis. >> yes, good evening. i just want to echo what the governor has said and what many others have said throughout the day today, that this is a horrific tragedy in our city of boston and we, on behalf of the department of justice, are here to provide all the resources necessary to this investigation. there are a lot of questions and questions that we wish we could answer at this point but what i can assure you is that this is a very thorough and active and fluid ongoing investigation, and i ask you that you help with that. quite frankly, i know that there is a lot of information that is being sought, as the governor s
and atf agents, so many people reaching for the cell phones, sprint and ve rye swron asked customers to please send text messages instead of calling so they could free up space on their networks. the national hockey league cancelled the game between the ottawa senators and bruins. it's all so police can concentrate on the aftermath in boston. who in boston feels like playing anything at this moment? the boston police department put out a call today for video of the finish line. any civilians who may have been taking video in fact area. peel did respond to the call from the police. police asked people to go home, not to stand around in large crowds. then they cordoned off streets in the immediate area. subway line is closed, with hotels evacuated, it was not clear that marathon runners from out of town would have a place to sleep. one of the remarkable things today is seeing the people of greater boston starting to post offers of shelter on message boards. extra bed and couches to sleep four to five plus floor space. i will come pick up anyone who needs a place to stay, i will do what
that path. thank you very much. >> i'm gene marquez, acting special agent in charge, atf, boston field division. at this time atf has done a don partial national response team activation. we're bringing explosives specialists here to the scene and we'll be working jointly with fbi and partners. we have certified explosive specialists. we have explosives enforcement officers. special agent bomb techs and canines for devices or any residue. at this time, we have approximately 30 forensic specialists in, around or on the scene, and to dispel any rumors, there were -- there were rumors floating around there were up to seven devices at one point. that is not true. i think that happened as a result of some suspect packages that were disrupted. but we only have two devices that we're aware of and both of those devices were the ones that involved -- that did the damage and were involved in the explosives incident. at this time, we're looking for the public's cooperation. we're looking if there's any video, any photographic evidence. if you can please contact the fbi hotline or the city's hod l
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